Is FGF21 a Biomaker of Weight Gain?

FGF21 is a complex and multifunctional circulatory protein that clearly operates in pathways involved in metabolic regulation throughout the body. Since the impact of FGF21 on energy metabolism is not fully understood, it is now imperative to investigate the physiological effects of FGF21 on energy balance.

Recent gain – or loss-of-function studies in rodent models have identified compelling roles for FGF21 in the regulation of energy balance, body weight regulation, lipid homeostasis, glucose homeostasis, ketogenesis, lipolysis, and hepatic steatosis.

However, more than 10 years after the discovery of the importance of FGF21 in weight regulation in rodents, not much progress has been made to test its role in human obesity and whether it represents a potential pharmacological target for weight management.

ADA: In Pursuit of a Biomarker of Weight Gain Susceptibility—Is FGF21 a Candidate?