Teenage Metabolic Syndrome Succeeds

Claims review spotted Ernie, a preadolescent teenager, diagnosed with pre-diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Pro Health Advisor learned he had several indicators of a metabolic disorder associated with obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol.

More and more studies are finding this recently defined condition, metabolic syndrome, associated with disease of the heart, kidney, liver and cancer. But what is particularly worrisome is the progression of this disorder down to teens and younger. Usually, its seen in adults with big waist lines, 35 inches for women and 40 inches for men, but this young man was already on the road to early disease conditions.

His doctor gave him simplistic advice to avoid sugar and the mother questioned not only the quality of the physician but also the diagnoses and treatment. PHA consulted with the parent and teen for over two hours. They were reassured that the diagnosis was likely and elaborated on an appropriate diet. With this confirmation mom cracked down on the teen’s eating and activities, insisting on a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. In less than 2 months the young man was more than ten pounds lighter and voluntarily maintaining good lifestyle choices with parental reinforcement. With such great improvement there was no need for further intervention so this member was not enrolled but that did not prevent a significant positive outcome for the teen, the parents and the doctor.

Mission accomplished and a life sentence of disease averted with no need for Pro Health Advisor to babysit this now functional family. No need for drugs, clinic visits or hospital services either, hopefully, for his lifetime.

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