Stabilizing During Chemotherapy

Hank is a 68-year-old man with a tragic illness history including heart, lung, and joint disease. In January 2012, Hank started chemotherapy for metastatic lung cancer (adenocarcinoma) with spread to brain. Of course, he was losing substantial muscle mass and was anemic from treatment. His wife was coping with his illness and a full time job. She needed help and reassurance if she was going to juggle all of Hank’s care needs and her own schedule. PHA provided the guidance and support she needed to self-manage his conditions.

Medical Nutrition Therapy reduced his nausea and stabilized his weight loss. A brief hospitalization for pneumonia prompted preparatory plans for other potential complications. Cure is unlikely but PHA helped Hank avoid the ER visits and hospitalizations that are common at this stage of treatment by empowering and educating his wife. Better nutrition especially during chemo will help Hank tolerate all of the prescribed chemo as well as reducing other complications and improving his quality of life during this critical stage. Another patient, with a similar diagnosis, had four admissions during this stage of her illness. Avoiding three hospitalizations would mean at least $30,000 in expenses were prevented not to mention the increased stress on both lives. Hank and his wife have a special diet planned for which PHA is now providing continuing guidance, expertise and support.

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