Rescued From Diabetes Out of Control

Let me introduce Harold, a very recent member of the PHA community. He is a 53 year old type 2 diabetic who had let himself go after losing his regular job. He came to me and asked for help. He understood the concepts immediately and he successfully made the lifestyle switch. He restarted his treatment plan and has been seeing steady improvements. See below, June 2014:

My sincerest thanks again for your intervention into my world and saving my life, literally! That is an understatement but very heartfelt….On to more positive and productive thoughts. I have been testing my blood daily now, up to 3 times and finding my BS (Blood Sugar) from 85 to 145. … I have started the diet we discussed and it seems to be making improvement. It is too soon of course but not being over 165 at all is a HUGE improvement from highs of 240 to over 300! My diet is organic veggies, butter, olive oil, poultry, fish, eggs and meat (though meat is a luxury and not a regular on my plate).  When I first started the insulin I went to 230lbs and couldn’t stop it! I looked like the goodyear blimp… I dropped dramatically when I went off the insulin and more so when I changed diet. … I haven’t measured but I have lost 4 inches at least in my waist… I have belts I couldn’t get around my waist for some time and now can close at least 2 notches…. That alone feels so great, and I can tuck my shirt in when I play golf instead of letting it hang out cause my belly hung out so far!! LOL  … Sincerely, Harold

Harold has made a great start and you can too. Connect with us now so we can help you. Contact us at

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