Overcoming Barriers

Linda is a 29 year-old woman hospitalized twice in one year with pancreatitis complicated by diabetes and extremely high lipids. At 280 pounds her diabetes was out of control with high blood glucose, an A1c over 10% and triglycerides in the thousands! She was trying to go to school and work but jobs were scarce and money limited. One specialist refused to provide refill prescriptions and she was unable to afford the copays required for some of her drugs. She mistakenly understood that her insurance plan did not cover diabetes education. Meanwhile her health and condition deteriorated steadily without basic medical care.

After her critical care hospitalization in August 2011 a discharge planner contacted the insurer to request case management. My Health Advisor was asked to intervene with a health professional who contacted the patient and began guiding, teaching and coaching in 9/23/2011. Rapport was established, a custom plan was initiated and financial barriers overcome with the help of the insurer and hospital services.

The right diet and activity took effect immediately. She felt better and started twice daily exercise. The weight, that had been resistant, melted away with expert MHA advice. Diabetes Self Management Training was arranged adding to her self-confidence and self-control.

By December she was 25 pounds lighter, insulin requirements were cut in half, an A1c normalized to 6.7% and her lipid levels dropped 90%. At her last clinical visit her primary care provider was so overwhelmed with her success she could not restrain a sincere and emotional embrace.

Her insulin should be reduced again in January 2012 as she continues to loose weight and take control of her health. Once her diabetes is fully controlled MHA will focus on lipid management and continue to provide support, monitoring and coaching until she is self-sufficient.

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