One Step at a Time

Ms. K is a middle-aged single mother of one adult child who has worked as a cashier all of her life. She has hyperlipidemia, hypertension, depression, and mild obesity and, most likely, metabolic syndrome. She was first contacted by my health advisor during the Christmas holiday. She expressed interest in the program and the time was set for her assessment. When contacted for the assessment she did not remember the previous call as she had been consuming alcohol to help cope with the depression of winter and the recent death of her brother for the very same health conditions she faced.

After some intensive PHA counseling and Medical Nutrition Therapy training Ms. K saw the light. She lost 20 pounds and enjoys the compliments of her regular customers, her blood pressure is under control and she is scheduling an appointment for follow-up lab work to ascertain other positive impacts of her weight loss and workout program. She no longer needs medication for anxiety/depression and has restored her relationship with her daughter who is engaged to be married. PHA helped her through the winter without a debilitating bout of depression for the first time in many years. She took decisive action to alleviate her financial stress and is now reaching out to help others. She no longer drinks alcohol and is an active member of her local AA program. This member was on track for a hospitalization for acute intoxication and rehabilitation with typical costs over $30,000. Now she is a contributing member of the community and her workplace.

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