Making Time for a Grandson: Getting Control of Diabetes

Gloria is a 60-year-old deli manager who had not seen her primary care doctor in 2 years despite her diabetes, obesity and depression. But with the stimulation, support and encouragement of PHA she revived her health care goals. She committed herself to a comprehensive lifestyle makeover so she watch her grandson grow up. She returned to her primary care physician obtained a glucometer and reestablished tracking her blood sugar. In addition she joined a weight loss program and arranged for a free mammogram. “It was good for me and for my Insurance!”.

By February her energy surged and she was walking 2 miles a day even after being on her feet all day. Most importantly, though, she lost over 20 pounds, brought her sugars under control and feels great. Even after a full day at work she retrieves her grandson from school, delightfully attending and playing with him. A routine recheck at her physician’s office is planned that should show continued progress and confirming lab evidence.

PHA intervention has brought her A1c below 6.5%. That reduces her risk of hospitalization well below the 25% expected during the next 12 months. In addition her improved workplace productivity and decreased medication costs produces other savings for her and the plan. Now, Gloria has a lot of life for which to look forward.

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