Driving to Success

Mark is a 50 yo truck driver with diabetes, arthritis, apnea, leg edema, depression and morbid obesity weighing 430 pounds in Oct 2010.  Hitting bottom and fearing for his life he contacted My Health Advisor. MHA’s registered dietitian created a custom plan for this long haul truck driver, trained him on basics and overcame obstacles to good nutrition. She provided expertise, guidance and motivation with frequent contact for encouragement. The results started showing immediately. By April 2011 he had lost 95 pounds and said, “I’m a different person” and “I feel great”. But things did not stop there because he fully incorporated his “New Life” strategy with MHA assistance to loose an additional 47 pounds by January 2012! “I just feel like a regular person, eating regular food, not on a diet.”

Now his labs show a healthy A1c of 5.1% and lipids that are completely normal. And, with fasting glucose levels below 80, his doctor was able to stop his metformin.  Gone also are his leg edema, sleep apnea, arthritis symptoms and depression. “I am excited about life again.” Mark credits his MHA advisor for coaching him to success after so many previous failures with other providers in the past.

He has lost 167 lbs and has 20 more to hit his target. He has unlimited energy and no hunger. His diet is now a way of life for the Trucker.

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