CBD results from the medical trenches

Physician from the Midwest makes his first report about CBD use in chronic Pain:
“27 year old WF with severe debilitating neuropathic pain s/p thoracic spine surgery for HNP (very rare surgery!), chronic sciatica in setting of lumbar disc disease, suffering from frequent falls, mood swings, hirsutism [excess facial hair] from polycystic ovarian disease.
Now 75% globally improved (less nerve pain, improved balance, no more falls, and reduction hirsutism) after about 2 weeks on Elixinol CBD capsules. Pain relief noticed after only 3-4 days and reports an overall sense of well-being.
OK…I think we all need to go back to medical school where they teach about the cannabinoid system.”

These results are perfectly consistent with my experience. Nearly 80% reduction in serious pain medication and pharmaceuticals. In this case and others, CBD provided significant “ADVANTAGEOUS¬† side effects”. Instead of the usual adverse ones CBD improved mood, sense of well being, reduction of facial hair.

More side effects like these, please, thank you.

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