Bypassing A Disaster

Hector is 55 year old man with diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, and metabolic syndrome who was bedridden and depressed following bilateral foot fractures. A brother with similar conditions died recently from a heart attack. Several years ago a gastric bypass had helped him loose 100 pounds but he regained the lost weight and became immobilized physically and emotionally. Unfortunately, the primary causes for his obesity were not properly addressed. And without proper follow up too many surgical cases relapse into the same condition they faced before the operation. Financial and physical barriers prevented him from seeking care.

PHA gave him hope and encouragement as well as practical step by step plan for improvement. He began feeling better, walking and losing weight. After 15 pounds of weight loss and a proper diet he started using a glucometer for blood sugar monitoring and initiated a call to his provider to request medications to control his diabetes. He revived his will to live and empowered himself to seek wellness. Without intervention this patient would likely have encountered a metabolic crisis, diabetic ketoacidosis, stroke or cardiac event and required hospitalization with complications. Instead, he is active and enthusiastically taking real interest in his own self care.

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