Bush Pilot Avoids Health Crash

Mr. Grizzly is a 71-year-old former bush pilot lives in Alaska where he runs several enterprises in addition to mining for gold. He has coronary artery disease and severe chronic kidney disease, probably related to medication prescribed many years ago. Mr. Grizzly is the captain of his ship. He believes in doing things right: he follows doctors orders and take medications as prescribed.

He and his wife spend the winter months in Hawaii each year. This year in Hawaii he enrolled in Pro Health Advisor Program and was happy to have a medical professional contact him who understood his complicated health situation. During the Advisor’s comprehensive assessment Mr. Grizzly said he was feeling tightness in his chest on exertion and shortness of breath. With guidance he was able to identify fluid swelling in his legs. Based on his symptoms, history and recent medication change he was likely showing some early signs of heart failure. Like a good bush pilot his plan was to endure his symptoms until he returned to AK in two weeks.

Reluctantly, at the insistence of My Health Advisor, he called his physician who immediately stopped his medications. The combination of dietary, positional and prescription interventions brought relief and his health returned. He enjoyed the remainder of his vacation in Hawaii and safely travelled to AK. In follow up to his cardiologist a cardiac scan with special dye was ordered. As instructed by Pro Health Advisor, Mr. G insisted the doctor insure no chemicals or dyes be used that could cause damage to his kidneys! He also consulted with his kidney doctor about his medications and to map out a plan to preserve his remaining kidney function.

He now has a comfortable, confident relationship with his doctors and the access to timely guidance that will avoid hospitalization or even save his life. In this case, clinical awareness and assertive action prevented an ER visit, at the least, or an ICU admission from complications at the worst. In addition, further kidney damage from toxic scanning dyes could have sent Mr. G into dialysis. Timely intervention and expert knowledge has put this member on a healthier path.

Pro Health Advisor is special benefit program for members and families targeting serious complicated conditions. It’s designed to fill-the-gap between the brief doctor’s visits and the real world health care challenges many members face. If you have a serious medical condition like diabetes, heart disease or kidney disease contact My Health Advisor for further information.

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