Hero Stories

Chronic pain

Pain relief noticed after only 3-4 days and reports an overall sense of well-being….

Rescued from diabetes out of control

I dropped dramatically when I went off the insulin and more so when I changed diet. … I haven’t measured but I have lost 4 inches at least in my waist…

12 Steps

She lost 20 pounds and enjoys the compliments of her regular customers, her blood pressure is under control and she is scheduling an appointment for follow-up lab work to ascertain other positive impacts of her weight loss and workout program. She no longer needs medication for anxiety/depression and has restored her relationship with her daughter who is engaged to be married….

 Making time for a grandson

…her energy surged and she was walking 2 miles a day even after being on her feet all day. Most importantly, though, she lost over 20 pounds, brought her sugars under control and feels great. Even after a full day at work she retrieves her grandson from school, delightfully attending and playing with him….

Bypassing a clinical disaster

Without intervention this patient would likely have encountered a metabolic crisis, diabetic ketoacidosis, stroke or cardiac event and required hospitalization with complications. Instead, he is active and enthusiastically taking real interest in his own self care

Stabilizing during chemo

Better nutrition especially during chemo will help tolerate all of the prescribed chemo as well as reducing other complications and improving his quality of life during this critical stage….

Driving to success

By April he had lost 95 pounds and said, “I’m a different person” and “I feel great”….

Overcoming barriers

By December she was 25 pounds lighter, insulin requirements were cut in half, an A1c normalized to 6.7% and her lipid levels dropped 90%….

A visual opportunity

The following day the patient called and we told her the good news that she could see her eye doctor and get the care that she needed immediately….

Bush pilot avoids health crash

The combination of dietary, positional and prescription interventions brought relief and his health returned….

Teenage metabolic syndrome succeeds

In less than 2 months the young man was more than ten pounds lighter and voluntarily maintaining good lifestyle choices….

When did you have your gastric bypass?

He lost 100 pounds in his first 6 months of working together. His blood sugars normalized shortly after that…