Nutritional Nuggets to Combat Conventional Dietary Guidelines

Thermodynamics -what the laws actually say; how they have been misapplied to weight loss; the thermic effect of macro nutrients (the work of Jequier 2002, Feinan and Fine2005) and the isocaloric advantage this gives.
• The origin of the calorie formula; the fact that 1lb does not equal 3,500 calories and what it could equal instead (work of Rubner 1901, Bozenraad 1911, Wishnofsky 1958) and what impact this could have on weight loss theory and practice.
• The historical evidence for what happens when we try to create a calorie deficit -from Benedict 1917, through Keys 1945,Stunkard 1959 to Franz 2007 (26,000 people reviewed in 80 different calorie deficit studies).
• The misunderstanding of what saturated fat actually is: the basics of nutrition/macro nutrients/fat composition of foods. The European correlations for saturated fat intake and CVD. Including theBMJ open paper on saturated fat.
• The correlations for average country cholesterol levels and CVD in all World Health Organisation countries for men/women/CVD deaths and all deaths.
• Micro nutrients comparisons for sample foods to test the hypothesis that “whole grains are healthy”