Genetic Study Supports Carbohydrate-Insulin Model of Obesity

According to the Carbohydrate-Insulin Model of Obesity (CIM), the processed carbohydrates that flooded our diet during the low-fat diet craze undermine our metabolism and drive weight gain. Put simply:

  1. Processed carbohydrates — think white bread, white rice, potato products, low -fat snacks — raise insulin more than any other food, calorie for calorie. This is just Nutrition, 101.
  2. Insulin is the Miracle-Gro for your fat cells. A child with new onset type 1 diabetes — unable to make enough insulin — will invariable lose weight until receiving treatment, no matter how many calories she consumes. Give that child the right amount of insulin, and weight trajectory returns to normal. Give that child (or an adult with type 2 diabetes) too much insulin and excessive weight gain will predictably result. This is just Endocrinology 101.
  3. When too many of the calories we eat get locked away in fat cells, there aren’t enough calories to supply the needs of the brain and other organs. So we get hungry and “overeat.” And to make matters worse, metabolism slows down, further fueling weight gain. This is just Obesity 101.

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