Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you? Pro Health Advisor is staffed by case managers with credentials in several disciplines (physician, nurse, dietician, social work, psychology, etc.) working as a team to guide you to health and wellness. But, you must have your own primary care provider or doctor with a current medical treatment plan. PHA will not diagnose, prescribe any medicine, or order any treatment for you. But, we will empower you with knowledge, training, support with which you can engage your provider. With your permission we will work directly with your provider.

How does the program work? Pro Health Advisor reviews the medical records, interviews the member and develops a custom plan to improve the effectiveness of the member’s treatment plan. We work with each member’s current providers and overcome barriers to improvement such as lack of information, training, access to care, a medication side effect or financial issue. PHA can find the members who most benefit from our services by looking a medical claims for diagnoses.

How do I talk to Pro Health Advisor? Pro Health Advisor uses all forms of communication including phone, email, text messaging and video conferencing to help the member succeed in meeting their health goals.

Is the program Voluntary and Confidential? The Pro Health Advisor program is entirely voluntary and you can quit at any time. You cannot lose any medical coverage regardless of your decision to participate or quit. All your information is totally confidential and will not be shared with the employer in any recognizable way. Even the identities of the heroes in our stories have been changed to protect their privacy.

What are the Benefits and Cost to participate in PHA? If your business or medical care plan has contracted with PHA, participation is typically no cost because your employer knows that improving your health will improve your quality of life, increase your work performance and abilities, and reduce medical claims, sick time, and drug expense. In addition, depending on your Plan documents many payers are dropping copays and reducing deductible expenses for members who are actively participating in PHA. It just makes sense that if you have a serious health problem that needs treatment your employer wants you to get the care you need to get well and reduce your chances of a complication or hospitalization. And, like many members, PHA can reduce the need for medications which is good for the member and good for the Plan. When the member discontinues the program the special benefits will also end.

If your health care plan is not contracted with PHA we can provide you with a special individual rate on an hourly basis, subscription or a contingency basis.

How long does the process take? Most members will start making objective improvements in a few weeks, others may require longer. Pro Health Advisor keeps the program going as long as the member is making progress or as long as barriers remain. Typically, after 12 weeks the member goes into a monitoring mode needing only monthly conferences to assess progress. Most members need about 10 hours of guidance as an average and three months of lifestyle changes to show major objective evidence of improvements like laboratory testing of HgbA1c, cholesterol or anemia.

Making the commitment: Getting well can take a lot of work and not everyone is successful. Pro Health Advisor is here to help and will do everything in our power. But, if the work is too hard for you or doesn’t fit your needs so that you cannot improve after a reasonable effort then the plan administrator may recommend the PHA program be discontinued for you.

We hope we have answered all of your question but if you have more feel free to contact Pro Health Advisor or your Plan Administrator for more details.

email: info@prohealthadvisor.com