Turbocharge your Detox with CBD

How cannabidiol supports and enhances detoxification

What is CBD?
Cannabidiol is an oil from cannabis. There are two main types of cannabis plants:
marijuana and Hemp. CBD comes from hemp. CBD makes you healthy not high.
CBD is safe, legal and effective, causes no reactions, no toxicity and no interactions.
CBD works with our endocannabinoid system, the master controller for all body
systems, regulating and fine tuning all body systems to maintain health.

CBD Restores, Protects and Enhances in Detox
● Corrections: stop toxin, replace vits, optimize health, restore gut –  Restores
● Mobilization: danger of further damage – Protects
● Elimination: getting rid of the toxins – Enhances Liver, kidney, GI
● Symptom control: pain, anxiety, mental fog, irritable bowel, insomnia

Where does CBD work? CBD restores the ECS and results are in the:

  • Neurologic system: pain, anxiety, mood, sleep, mental fog
  • Gut function: leaky gut, motility, inflammation, elimination
  • Immune function: controls immune cells and inflammation
  • Adrenal hormones: controls cortisol release

At the cellular level, CBD quenches Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), enhances mitochondria function, preserves glutathione and regulates DNA methylation in the nucleus.

You should be using CBD if your symptoms unresponsive, toxins at high risk or high levels, have impaired organ function for maximal support and protection
Other conditions where CBD will help: epilepsy/brain injury, Crohn’s Disease, Alzheimer, chronic narcotics.

Basic User Guide to CBD

  • Starting serving size 15 mg twice daily
  • Treatment phases
  • Making adjustments
  • Routes are oral, sublingual, topical
  • CBD comes in capsules, oil tincture, thick paste, lotions and liposomes
  • Duration of action is 6-12 hours so frequency is usually 3 times/day

Downside to CBD

  • No Adverse reactions
  • No Toxicity
  • No drug interactions
  • No Coagulation effect

What to look for in a quality CBD
● Organically grown from mature fields & farmers,.
● Processing without solvents.
● Testing by batch [solvents, pesticides, metals, molds, and bacteria]
● Plays well with others [natural hemp co-molecules vs synthetic]
Great supplier:
● Customer focused
● Clear and accurate serving sizes
● High quality , independently tested
● Clinical Support