Crohn’s disease resolves with CBD

So far, 100% of people who have come to me for Crohn’s disease or Ulcerative colitis have responded immediately and completely with Elixinol CBD.

Most are endoscopically clear after 3 weeks using 60 mg of CBD per day.

One client who returned last week told me she had no recurrence in the last year even though she was not even taking a maintenance dose

What does it take to convince people who suffer with this condition and their families to give CBD a try?

They will see a  dramatic improvement for all inflammatory bowel conditions. CBD works because it block the inflammatory cytokines that cause the ulcerations in the bowel. It works because it restores the tight junctions between the cells that line the gut.

And, it works great because it stops the muscle spasms and hypermotility of the gut when it’s inflamed.

Unlike pharmaceutical drugs CBD offers side benefits like improved sleep, relaxation and stress relief just to name a few. 

Please, if you care about someone with this affliction get them to try CBD or contact us for more information.