Chronic Kidney disease and CBD

Cannabidiol could improve the lives of those with kidney disease by multiple pathways as well as reducing difficult symptoms like pain. Other kidney damaging pharmaceuticals can be avoided. Working closely with Pro Health Advisor renal dietitians they have stopped and even reversed CKD in many clients by using diet as medicine and combining with CBD.

Kidney disease (CKD) is closely associated with inflammation, fibrosis and abnormal changes in the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Cannabidiol (CBD) blocks these damaging processes and restores the ECS. CBD protects kidney cells from diabetes, chemotherapy and common medications such as aspirin­like drugs (Motrin, Celebrex) and allopurinol (for gout).

Furthermore, cannabidiol is safe and dramatically effective in transplantation preventing immune complications. CBD could be highly effective in preventing the development and progression of all kidney diseases. For preventing CKD an appropriate amount may be 60 mg of CBD per day.