Wheat Is Sugar

Many people have come to believe that the only problem with wheat is gluten. But there are many other issues with wheat that impair health. The amylopectin A carbohydrate of wheat is unique in its digestibility, making it worse than table sugar in its capacity to raise blood sugar, cause insulin resistance, and contribute to type 2 diabetes.

This explains why elimination of all foods made of wheat leads to dramatic reductions in blood sugar, insulin resistance, HbA1c, and type 2 diabetes. About Dr. Davis, Wheat Belly and Undoctored: Dr. Davis practiced conventional cardiology for 25 years but became discouraged with the predatory and exploitative practices of modern healthcare.

He now devotes his efforts to helping people regain magnificent health without doctors or hospitals with results that are SUPERIOR to that obtained through conventional healthcare. His Wheat Belly books have sole 4 million copies in 40 countries.

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