For Individuals

Pro Health Advisors provides a personal and confidential professional health advisor to help bridge the gaps in treatment plans, insurance coverage, and life challenges that may be keeping you from achieving your health goals.
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For Clinics

The treatment plan may be perfect but the patient may not be able to execute it for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the member doesn’t fully understand or maybe they can’t afford the treatment. Is the insurance company standing in the way? Pro Health Advisor may be able to fill the gap between providers, medical insurance and patient compliance with education, training, communication, or sorting out the medical necessity of a treatment plan with the insurer. Most of the time we have found that “non-compliance” actually represents some kind of barriers to care that can be easily overcome with the right approach from our Advisors.

For Business

For most businesses employees are the most valuable asset. Pro Health Advisor offers a targeted disease management program that focuses on the highest risk employees for health improvement measures. Our program is not fluff. We guarantee results by requiring that enrolled members actively participate, make objective progress or … disengage from the program. Our interventions are supported by evidence based medical literature and show greater than 70% rate of success. We track and monitor each client for improvement providing objective progress reports each step of the way. And, we problem solve to adapt to every member’s specific limitations and constraints. Many times employees with health issues become frustrated by the medical care system or the multitude of treatments that consistently fail. So, for patients, why bother? PHA can cut through those issues, find the solution and show results.

For Third Party Administrators

TPAs are all about conserving employer’s resources and managing risk among employee members. My Pro Health Advisor offers a targeted disease management program that focuses on only the highest risk individuals with multiple medical conditions and a high probability of urgent care visits, hospitalization or major medical procedures. PHA can show you the highest risk members and sculpt an intervention plan to improve health and avoid expensive complications. Our program meets the PPACA law and provides value-added services that will clearly differentiate your Plan from “plain vanilla.”

Medical Insurance Plans

Plans want the best health for their members. Healthier members mean lower rates and being more competitive in the market place. Pro Health Advisor can identify the very high risk members and target them with highly effective disease management to improve their medical conditions and reduce their risks of complications, hospitalizations of the need for medical procedures. PHA creates a custom plan that can eliminate or reduce the need for medication in 70% of diabetics, as proven in controlled studies. We can directly improve many diseases including cardiovascular and chronic kidney disease. We can design a program for your Plan’s specific needs and population.

Video Presentation about Targeted Disease Management

This image links viewers to a 10 minute presentation by Dr. Blair about the core principles of the programs and services that TNT offers. Click on the image to view in a separate window.

For WGT Plans

In this 4 minute video at YouTube website Dr. Blair tells members of WGT health plan about Pro Health Advisor and the special benefits available for members who participate. In addition to outstanding health coaching and case management, Health Advisor participation can substantially reduce deductible expenses and copays for managed conditions.

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