Slowing and Stopping chronic kidney disease by a “true professional”

January 12, 2012
To: Whom It May Concern
Re: Dr. Nancy Weber

My purpose in writing this letter is to inform others of my experience as a chronic kidney disease (CKD) patient in receiving diet and nutritional and other relevant counseling from Mrs. Nancy Weber…(full letter available upon request)
In addition to the high regard I have for Mrs. Weber’s work with me, I also have tremendous admiration for her personally giving her care and concern for me as a patient. She is passionately dedicated to her work in slowing down and/or stopping the progress of CKD in her patients. Her attitude is always upbeat; however, she never “sugar coats” anything. She is a true professional and I consider myself quite lucky to be able to have been a patient of hers given the benefit I obviously received from the experience.

Robert xxxxxxxxx
Evans, GA 30809

Rachel’s Support and Guidance

May 3, 2011

Dear Mark,
Your story is great. I have a few other questions for you that will help with the project that Rachel and I are working on.
We think that the kind of encounters you had with Rachel changes peoples’ lives and we want to help others do the same. I want to learn a bit more about your experience because you’re such a good story teller.
Dr. Blair
3382424_origWhat did Rachel do that made a difference for you this time?
Rachel was able to provide me the dietary education that was missing before: what to eat, when to eat and how much; providing me with a plan.  I thought I was going to have to eat special foods, Rachel showed me that I didn’t have to buy special or expensive foods. She provided me with ideas for meals and snack that I would not have ever thought about eating. Previously, I never counted calories; she taught me how to read labels, really was key. Also, when I go out to eat knowing what to eat. Asking for nutrition information for their menu items. It’s like laying the foundation of a house, if the person has no expertise in how to build houses, it will not last.

You have been on diets before, why are you sticking to this one?
When I heard “prediabetic”  it scared me. I look at it like I am not on a diet, this is how I will eat the rest of my life. Previously, weight loss was a vanity issue for me, then I realized I was in a health crisis- became a whole new reason to loose weight-to save my life.

Besides food control and diabetes control did Rachel help you in other areas?
She stressed the importance of a support group and being accountable. I called her 1x week with my weight and food diary. Setting goals and keeping food diary. Activity-importance of being active, increased my activity; even joined a gym. Self-confidence and being proud in my accomplishments. Importance of knowing and tracking how much you weigh. I didn’t know how much I weighed. Didn’t have a scale that would go up to my weight. She found and ordered a scale for me to weigh on at my house.
What was your initial A1c and what is it now? 10/9/10 6.1%, 5.9% 1/11, will have it rechecked at next appt. on 7/11

What else has improved for you besides your weight?
General outlook on life-much happier, more positive. My mobility. I sleep better-getting out of bed feeling better in mornings. Taking less pain meds, including less nsaids too.
(post script as of 2015: Total weight loss over 180lbs, A1c 5.1 and completely normal labs)

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