Pro Health Advisor bridges the gap Pro Health Advisor is expert in achieving health goals We use the latest technology to connect

Pro Health Advisor bridges the gap

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Pro Health Advisor is expert in achieving health goals

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We use the latest technology to connect


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Hero Stories

Chronic pain Pain relief noticed after only 3-4 days and reports an overall sense of well-being…. Rescued from diabetes out of control I dropped dramatically when I went off the insulin and more so when I changed diet. … I haven’t measured but I have lost 4 inches at least in my waist… 12 Steps […]

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Slowing and Stopping chronic kidney disease by a “true professional” January 12, 2012 To: Whom It May Concern Re: Dr. Nancy Weber My purpose in writing this letter is to inform others of my experience as a chronic kidney disease (CKD) patient in receiving diet and nutritional and other relevant counseling from Mrs. Nancy Weber…(full […]

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What can we do for you? Find out more about our services and programs. Call PHA (now ProHealthAdvisor or PHA) at 843-839-9088 leave a message and we’ll call you back asap. Write us below or at or send us a fax at 888-909-5897 We will get back with you shortly. Thanks for asking! [vfb […]

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About Us

We are an innovative team of health care professionals providing compassionate and caring services to patients to improve their health and well being. Our staff is composed of experienced, multidisciplinary healthcare professionals delivering disease management services to every tier of the industry: patient, provider, clinic, business and insurer. We use the latest and most appropriate technology to “connect” with beneficiaries at their level of understanding: phone, text-message, video conference or postal services.

Pro Health Advisor bridges the gap in treatment plans, insurance coverage, and life challenges that keep patients from getting well. Sometimes, patients don’t understand the treatment plan. Other times, especially with multiple illnesses, patients can’t afford the copays and don’t fill their prescriptions. Occasionally, insurers deny claims for technical reasons unrelated to actual medical necessity and patients don’t know what to do. That’s where we can help. Pro Health Advisor fills-in the missing pieces, finds financial relief, and facilitates the appeal process between patient, provider and insurer.

Pro Health Advisor is expert in helping beneficiaries achieve their health goals. Using dynamic teaching with appropriate content and depth, Pro Health Advisor carefully guides every patient to success with over 70% reaching their goal.

Dedicated providers who want to impact their patients longer than their 15 minute per month face-time might consider Pro Health Advisor to reinforce treatment plans and compliance issues.

Business and insurers can substantially reduce their medical claims by focusing on very high risk individuals with multiple diseases or conditions likely to impair performance or require hospitalization. Health improvements prevent adverse events.

We have solutions for everyone that can be delivered almost anywhere. Check us out.